Construction, Social & Infrastructure Projects, Trading and Manufacturing


Examples of HARO Group Projects

Project Title: Tadjourah - Balho Road, Djibouti

Client:  M.A. Al Kharafi & Sons

Year:  2015 - Current

HARO is building 32 km of the Tadjourah-Balho road, in Djibouti, connecting the new port of Tadjourah to the Ethiopian capital - Addis Ababa.

The Group is employing both International and local workers, with it's senior management , engineers and technicians provided from the HARO 'core' of experienced staff.

Project Title: Gulf Meat Products FZC
                     Factory, UAE

Client:  HARO - Private Venture

Year:  2011 - 2014

Turn-key project.  5,000 m2 plot.  2,600 m2 factory & offices.

Production areas, offices, freezer & cold storage. Separate water and sewerage sytsem. Electrical back-up system.


Project Title:  PRT Meymaneh Camp,

Client:  ISAF - Norwegian Army

Year:  2006 - 2007.  Extn' 2008 - 2012

250-man camp - Infrastructure (roads, sewerage, water, electricity), Offices and accommodation. Hangars, hospital, kitchen & dining rooms, laundry etc.

Expanded to 650-man Camp - Heli-pads, Taxi-runways, parking, maintenace hangars. Infrastructure, offices and accommodation.


Project Title:  Islam Qalah Border Crossing
                      Road System, Afghanistan

Client:  German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Year:  2007 - 2008

Over 15 km of road systems, round-abouts, fencing, lighting and signage.

Project Title:  Tango East & Whiskey Tech
                      Camps, Kandahar, 

Client:  BRITFOR (UK Works Group)

Year:  2008 - 2010

All facilities, ground/road works, power, water, sewerage.
Offices, warehouses, maintenance and workshop facilities

Project Title:  Villas (20).   Germany.  

Client:  HARO Private development.

Year:  2011 - 2012

3-5 Bedrooms.  quality Villas. All utilities, swimming pool etc.