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Construction in Conflict Areas


The HARO Group has operated in variuos conflict and post-conflict areas, including; Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.  In Afghanistan the Group established HARO Construction Afghanistan Ltd which operated in the country between 2002 and 2012.  The company offices were based in Kabul, with construction sites in Kandahar, Meymaneh, Tarin Kowt and Islam Qualah.

The Group HQ in Dubai, UAE provided all local manpower and logistics support for all the Group activities in Afghanistan and all other operational areas.


HARO Construction Afghanistan Ltd is a 'typical' HARO operation and was fully equipped with a range of the heavy and light construction plant and equipment to meet all construction requirements. The equipment included:

   30 t Faun Mobile Crane
   Excavators, Forklifts, Mini Excavators, Dumpers, Loaders, Grader, Compactors
   2 m³ Concrete mixer, Concrete vibrators, compactors
   Mobile computerized Concrete Batching plant
   Water/ Wastewater machines
   Pipe welding equipment, Pipe TV
   Hand tools
   Trucks, Minibuses and cars
   Latest testing equipment for concrete, electrical and mechanical works

Where required for specific projects, the company/Group hires or purchases construction equipment and tools to carry out the task.

Manpower Resources

Over the years, the Group has established a strong ‘core’ of construction expertise, provided by experienced management, professional engineers, supervisors and technical staff drawn from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Central control and coordination is provided by a permanent management team in the Group HQ in UAE. 

Our staff are used to working with local manpower under difficult and harsh conditions, taking into account diverse cultural aspects. We pride ourselves in being able to train our local staff quickly and effectively to cater for al local circumstance and situations.


Technical and design support is provided by our own design and graphics engineers and, if necessary, by engineering resources in Germany. For each project we select the appropriate management and technical team to undertake the specific work requirements; thereby producing an integrated team of professionals.

Our aim is to combine the intellectual International know-how, of all kind of construction matters, with local workforce capabilities in order to meet the diverse quality, timing and pricing needs of our clients.