Construction, Social & Infrastructure Projects, Trading and Manufacturing


HARO Group


The Group has offices in UAE, Djibouti, Afghanistan, and UK.   The Group comprises:

HARO Group                                                 -  Group HQ, Design, Engineering, 
                                                                      Supply & Project Management (UAE)                                                               

HARO General Trading LLC                      -  Trading (UAE)

HARO International Djibouti SARL          -   North Africa Operations (Djibouti)

HARO Construction PTY Ltd                    -   Southern Africa Operations (Namibia)

HARO Construction International Ltd    -   Europe Office (UK)

XEBA LLC                                                     -   Logistics & Finance (UAE)


HARO's primary activity is Construction in harsh environments - in conflict and post-conflict areas.  The Group is also experienced in social & infrastructure projects, commodity trading and manufacturing.

The success of our projects and the Group is driven in large part by our people – highly skilled professionals who are capable of tackling the toughest challenges and delivering above-and-beyond results. It is also the result of thorough preparation, efficient work processes and a substantial investment in leading-edge technology.

HARO provides what we promise – on time and to the highest quality.

Our People

The company provides a proven, quality ‘product’ by the proper management and guidance of our well-trained employees and experienced engineers; producing an integrated team of professionals based throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our staff are used to working with local manpower under difficult and harsh conditions, taking into account diverse cultural aspects. We pride ourselves in being able to train our local staff quickly and effectively to cater for al local circumstance and situations.


Our commitment to the highest quality of customer service is based on developing an intimate knowledge of each client in order to achieve their goals and maintain success.