Construction, Social & Infrastructure Projects, Trading and Manufacturing


Construction in
Harsh Environments
Social &
Infrastructure Projects

Commodity Trading


Since 1992, the HARO Group 
has been operating in support
of Peace Missions in various disaster and conflict areas including; Afghanistan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq and Africa.

Construction capabilities
range from the construction
of complete military camps;
to the building of roads and airfield runways; to the supply and erection of prefabricated (containers) accommodation
and offices.

More recently the Group has undertaken large scale road
building operations in Africa. 
The most recent project is the Tadjourah-Balho Road in Djibouti.
The HARO Group prides itself on its' social and infrastructure projects.  The Group seeks to improve the living and working situations of the local people in those countries where it operates and has project activities - worldwide. 

When working in underdeveloped or conflict regions, HARO takes every opportunity to improve and develop the local infrastructure, in order to help the local population.

Projects include the provision of:
     *  Housing
     *  Schools
     *  Play areas
     *  Water (wells)
     *  Electricity
     *  Training & certification
HARO trades in a variety of commodities worldwide including:

     *  Bitumen
     *  Gold and precious minerals
     *  Vehicles
     *  Construction plant
     *  Costruction equipment

The Group is able to offer supply and support for the items it provides, with an enviable after-service commitment.

The HARO Group has built and operated a variety of manufacturing facilities, including:

*    Gulf Meat Products FZC:
          Meat Processing Factory,

           UPVC Doors & Windows
           Factory, Afghanistan

*    Xella GZG:
            Silicat Stone Factory,