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Camp Design and Build

The HARO Group has extensive experience of providing ‘design and build’ permanent and temporary
facilities and complete Camp solutions including :

                    OFFICES                                  ACCOMMODATION

                    ABLUTIONS                             WORKSHOPS

                    KITCHENS                               MAINENANCE 

                    CLINICS/HOSPITALS             WAREHOUSES

                    LAUNDRY                                 DINING


Services include:

     *  Power
     *  Water
     *  Waste Handling and Ground Works (as required)

Rapid Deployment

The rapid deployment concept is based around the use of the HARO 20′ prefab unit. These units have been developed into a number of ‘standard’ facility modules which can used to meet most client requirements, or modified to meet specific needs. The units are ‘flat pack’ and easily deployable at short-notice.

Having worked in a conflict areas for over 18 years, the HARO Group is able to operate effectively in the harshest of conditions, in remote areas and has the logistic organisation ‘in place’ to be able to support its operations world-wide.

Turn-Key Solutions
HARO provides a complete Turn-Key solution and has teams of experienced staff and tradesmen ready to rapidly erect and install facilities in locations, world-wide.