Construction, Social & Infrastructure Projects, Trading and Manufacturing


Construction Capabilities & Experience


For over 18 years the HARO Group has successfully handled over 1,300 multi-construction projects, property builds, aid programs & projects for major national and international organization such as ISAF, UN, KFOR, Red Cross, Afghan Government, German Government, Norwegian NDEA, Military Forces: USA, UK, Netherland, various NGOs and Commercial Organisations during peace missions in disaster and conflict areas.

Today we continue to work with these international organisations in various locations and in multiple projects fully integrating our client’s expectations and needs. We coordinate closely with decision makers to carefully develop strategies to achieve the best results. We remain flexible and are able to react to changes swiftly and to revise our strategies and operating procedures at very short notice.

Conflict Construction

The Group capabilities range from initial concept planning to project realisation; from construction of complete military camps including the site infrastructure ( roads, power, water, sewage etc ), accommodation, offices, kitchens, hospital facilities, laundry etc; to the building of roads and airfields runways/pads; to the supply and erection of prefabricated (containers) accommodation and offices.


HARO builds both Asphalt and concrete road systems.  The Group has experience of large commercial road projects and military access and infrastructure roads.  Capabilities range from planning, design, specification through to construction of the road and all utilities - lighting, fencing, singing etc.

Rennovation and Reconstruction

HARO Construction Afghanistan has considerable experience in the renovation and reconstruction of buildings, homes, schools, army bases and in the development of crisis areas in multiple after-war scenarios.

New Buildings

With state of the art equipment and a team of professional architects, engineers and interior designers we provide first class expertise for construction and projects including different types of homes, offices and commercial buildings.

Housing & Commercial development

Over 15 years experience of housing and commercial project development for needy people has provided the company with a solid foundation of experience and expertise to design new housing compounds and commercial projects off-the-shelf.