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HARO Prefabricated Units


HARO Prefab Container Solutions provide a flexible, high quality and cost effective solution to clients who need to have semi-permanent build options, ready and available within a short period of time.The Prefab containers provide a flexible low-cost solution for rapid and sustainable deployment. The HARO Prefab Containers have been especially developed for the hot and humid climate in the Middle East and the extreme (hot and cold) conditions in Afghanistan. They offer many advantages compared with the conventional port-a-cabins and other prefab manufacturers.

Flexible Design Solutions

HARO has designed a range of ‘standard’ container solutions to meet most customer requirements and is able to adapt and/or modify these containers to meet specific requirements and specific country Standards. These include:

     *  Accommodation
     *  Ablutions
     *  Offices
     *  Hospital/Clinic
     *  Stores/Workshop
     *  Laundry/Kitchen
     *  Training Facilities

Rapid Camp Prefab Solutions

HARO has extensive experience of desiging and building complete camps, including all accommodation, offices, storage & Maintenance hangers, road infrasturcture, water & power etc.


The Prefab units are easy to transport and are delivered as flat-pack (in Trans-packs 648 mm high - Weight 2000 kg) with completely pre-assembled floors (with PVC floor glued over) and ceiling (with all electrical installations build in such as electric box, lamps, wires etc.).