Construction, Social & Infrastructure Projects, Trading and Manufacturing


Logistic Supplies & Support


XEBA L.L.C provides the HARO Group with its' logistic supplies and support requirements.  The company has grown steadily over the past 10 years to become one of the leading suppliers of building materials for Peace Keeping Mission construction projects. Materials and logistics have been supplied in support of aid programs undertaken by the UN, Military forces, KFOR, TFF, ISAF governments and humanitarian relief organisations.

XEBA L.L.C has a trained work force, experienced in operations, world-wide, able to offer governments, military forces, NGO’s and commercial organisations a range of support including the material and the building of schools, kindergartens, Army Bases, clinics and housing projects.

As we continue to work with International Organisations, on projects world-wide, we carefully develop our strategies to suit the particular environment and location, in order to achieve the best results. We remain flexible and are able to deal with changing circumstances and able are able to respond quickly and revise our approach at short notice.

Our commitment to the highest quality of client service, is based on developing an intimate knowledge of each client’s needs to enable us to achieve the client’s goals and continued success. Our knowledge and experience in all construction materials, heavy equipment and peace mission requirements, makes us the leader in buying power and getting the best value for money.

Building Material

XEBA L.L.C. has gained extensive experience in building material for renovation, new buildings and industrial compounds. Over the years XEBA L.L.C has established very strong and reliable relationships with material suppliers all over the world; this allows us to ensure, for our customers, good quality and timely delivery at competitive prices.


XEBA L.L.C has extensive experience in transporting the required material to our customers on the frontline, especially in crisis areas. XEBA L.L.C is able to manage the complete logistic chain, from supplier to final user and is used to dealing with changing conditions. XEBA L.L.C is well connected to handling and shipping agents all over the world thereby ensuring prompt and cost-effective delivery by land, sea or air.

Peace Support Missions

XEBA L.L.C has worked closely, for many years, with different armies and humanitarian organisations during peace keeping operations, in order to help implement their specific demands, their humanitarian building material requirements and their relief projects. .

Trade & Marketing 

As XEBA L.L.C is normally the first contractor on the spot in post-conflict areas, XEBA L.L.C has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the local situation in many different regions in the world. This places us in a unique position to be able to advise and support Trade & Marketing strategies for potential suppliers and investors to the specific market.