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The HARO Group has supplied Bitumen for the Tadjourah Balho Road construction project in Djibouti.  The road is a vital 2-lane highway joining the new port of Tadjourah with the Ethiopian border at Balho - providing a new supply route to Addis Ababa.

The Group has supplied Bitumen 60/70, MC-30 and MC-3000 under contract to M.A. Karafi & Sons and also for its' own road cnstruction activities.

HARO is building 32 km of the road at the Balho end of the route.


HARO Construction supplies and material.  Current and future projects plus International sales.

Co-located with HARO Group HQ in Dubai, UAE.


PROFI Baumarkt - Afghanistan

HARO Construction supplies and material.  Supported HARO Construction Afghanistan Ltd.  

Shop & Wholesale.   Sales to Afghanistan construction and commercial markets.  Retail sales and support to individuals and companies in Kabul.